#Desplastificate Turtle Rating for Restaurants (and YOU)

#Desplastificate Turtle Rating Program

East Cape Recycling continues to grow and expand our recycling efforts in the East Cape community. After learning about the tremendous success with the #Desplastificate Turtle Rating Program in Todos Santos/Pescadero. East Cape Recycling is working with local businesses to protect our community, wildlife and environment by identifying and promoting efforts to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Please support local business that participate in eliminating single-use plastics, switch to bio-degradable materials and implement recycling/composting programs. Look for the Turtle Decal!

7 simple actions you can take to help:

1. SAY NO TO STRAWS. When you order a drink, immediately let the server know, “sin popote por favor!”

2. ELIMINATE SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLES. Many restaurants can provide purified water in a glass instead of a plastic bottle, just ask for “Agua de la casa, sin popote por favor.”

3. NO STYROFOAM CONTAINERS. When possible, bring your own containers for leftovers.

4. NO SINGLE USE BAGS. While bio-degradable bags are a better alternative than plastic, simply saying no to single-use bags is always the best option.

5. ASK – restaurants and hotel about their recycling and composting programs and encourage them to do more.

6. PATRONIZE – Establishments that have eliminated or switched to bio-degradable straws, bags and containers. Look for the TURTLE DECALS for those currently participating.