East Cape Recycling is 100% dependent on the support of the community for our activities.  We operate on a shoestring budget.

Recycle Day Donations, Movie Night and  and other fundraising events provide the income to cover our expenses, and support the annual summer camp for school children in Los Barriles, the “Curso De Verano”.

See Activities for all of the details relating to our programs and initiatives. Below summarizes some of our funding requirements:

Recycling Day

To pay for to the pick-up and delivery of our recyclables to La Paz costs $1500 pesos each month.  We ask our recycling community to donate $5 US/$100 pesos with their recyclables.

Curso De Verano/Educational Activities

Our education initiatives help educate both children and families in the region about the importance of recycling and caring for their community. These programs are costed efficiently, however they do require investment, as they often involve materials, t-shirts, transportation and external experts.

Restaurant Program

We work with local restaurants to help them recycle by providing them with recycle collection barrels,  transport of their recyclables, and the access to our center. We request a donation from restaurants and/or their employees to help on Recycle Day, however, even with this input, the management of the increase in recyclable materials at the Recycle Center stretches our resources.

Special Events

East Cape Recycling supports  all the large-scale events, such as Semana Santa and the Los Barriles Arts Festival, with their recycling and trash planning. Providing recycling stations, the pick-up vehicles, trailer and gas is an important part of our mission to reduce our impact on the local landfill and re-direct solid waste to be recycled.

Municipal Needs

Our local city office (Delegation) often looks to the non-profit organizations to bring about the resources for realization of projects like recycling.

East Cape Recycling responded to the need for keeping the beaches clean by providing trash & recycling barrels for the beaches and donating a 4-wheel drive truck to pick up the trash each week. This is just one example of the role East Cape Recycling plays in supporting our municipality and helping to protect the environment.

Become a Sponsor/Donor!

To help us assure a greener future, we invite you to consider becoming a financial supporter. The generosity of donors like you will continue to help fund future environmental initiatives.

If you would like to become a sponsor or a donor of one or all of our initiatives, please contact us at We working closely with our donor and sponsor partners so that we all benefit from supporting our community and creating a legacy for the good.