Summer Camp 2019

This year’s program for the children’s summer camp is:

‘Ninos – Spread your Wings and Fly! Love Mother Nature, Love her Birds’.

Environmental education is at the core of our mission for the children of our community, and an important part of our work in Los Barriles. This is the only totally free summer camp in Baja, and we are delighted to be a part of it! The money donated during the winter season Movie Night Fundraisers goes to this awesome project!

The ‘Curso de Verano’ Summer Camp hosts 100 kids over three weeks. The 2019 dates are July 1 – 20.

Baja’s birds are prolific and abundant and the state hosts many of North America’s winter migratory birds. Birds are also an indicator species of the health of our planet. (The use of DDT in the 60’s was halted because it was destroying bird eggs and plummeted the bird population).

This year we’re purchasing age appropriate binoculars for all the kids. We’ll also be extending our swim program, purchasing swim masks and snorkels for our new entrants, assuring kids swim and experience the reefs and reef fish.

We need any interested volunteers. It’s a great way to integrate in our community and make a difference in the life of its children. We have lots of time slots to fit your availability.

Please join us!

Contact Theresa for more information – you can call or Whatsapp 624-18-2235. Or by email to combertheresa (at) hotmail (dotcom)

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