East Cape Recycling & Environmental Education

After three long years of COVID, our hearts and community spaces have reopened, filled with the light and joy of connection, particularly with the vibrant energy of our local youth. The 2023 annual “Curso de Verano” Los Barriles Kids Summer Camp was nothing short of exhilarating! This past summer, 100 […]

Embracing Joy and Learning at the 2023 Curso de Verano ...

#Desplastificate Turtle Rating Program East Cape Recycling continues to grow and expand our recycling efforts in the East Cape community. After learning about the tremendous success with the #Desplastificate Turtle Rating Program in Todos Santos/Pescadero. East Cape Recycling is working with local businesses to protect our community, wildlife and environment […]

#Desplastificate Turtle Rating for Restaurants (and YOU)