Updates for 2021

A few new things to share as separating plastics is a moving target: 

1) Milk and milky style containers

2) clear plastics

3) colored plastics and lids

You decide – separate at home, or separate here, but we are committed to DIY recycling on collection day. 

Cardboard? Broken down and tied, or tie it here, but bring it broken down.

Hard Styrofoam from packing materials? We take that.

We don’t take glass. 

And as always, the ‘bible’ for recycling: please, rinse your products. A nearly empty jar of peanut butter with the lid on it is gross. Give it to the dog to clean up 🙂. If not, soak it in water with a little baking soda before recycling. Crush, crush, crush. Good idea? if you crush after rinsing, your products take up less space in your containers. 

Not yet in the recycling swing of things? We are here for you! Please join us. Consider that 8 million tons of plastics end up in the ocean each year. Don’t use single serve plastic water bottles (seriously, ever). Order “Agua de la Casa” if you are at a restaurant. Buy a Soda Stream and steer away from the constant use of Topo Chico bottles. Tetra pack milk and juice containers are not recyclable. But, their little plastic lids are. Pop them off with your thumb and recycle that part.  

$100 pesos per month per family donation is recommended to help our nonprofit pay for the shipping of our products to La Paz to be recycled. All other money supports our children’s environmental summer camp.

Friends, this is our home planet. We must protect it.