Volunteer on the beach with the “Blue Barrels”

Become a “Blue Barrel” Ambassador – a fun and easy way to give back

Help wanted: looking for a volunteer to monitor the “Blue Barrels” on the beach.

Do you love Los Barriles? Love our clean beaches? (Did you know ‘Los Barriles’ means “The Barrels’ 🙂?)

Would you like to get involved with Blue Barrel Beach Project to assure our beaches stay clean? It has made a world of difference in maintaining clean beaches, a great volunteer project to support our community.

In place since 2015, it’s an infrastructure program with the City and Zofemat (the agency that oversees beaches here in Mexico).


1. Make sure we have enough barrels – you’ll physically be monitoring if they are in place each month.

2. Make sure they look good – advise our team as to when should we put on new lettering on the blue beach barrels.

It’s not a lot, but it means a lot to our beaches and our community.

Please please email info@eastcaperecycling.com or send a Whatsapp to Theresa: +52 1 624 182 2355 to get started!